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Life goes by

February 12, 2023

 – Aaranan Mathiyalagan –

Everything quickly passes by.

You can’t even comprehend

What’s going on around you?

Your name echoes everywhere.

You know they’re coming


You can’t face them.

You could be a thousand miles

From home.

Your name still follows me.

The whole world knows your name.

Now you have to answer.

But your conscience

Says otherwise.

Life goes by.

News about you.

You must turn back.

Your parents need you.

Your siblings need you.

Your family needs you.

But, that feeling.

The feeling that you must run

Stops you from turning around.

You finished your family duty.

This is your time.

your time to escape.

Escaping is a willpower.

From your mother

From your father

From your siblings

It takes willpower.

The willpower to escape.

Your mind is powered by

Strong desires

Your family, your home

Whether you escape or not

Life goes by.